Aug 9, 2010

Just a story I felt like writing

I guess this is a rough draft because I just wrote it out as it flowed out of me.  But I'm just happy I felt like writing something!  I've missed writing!  So this is definitely not some of my best work, but here it is anyway. :)

Unfortunately, Daddy was in a bad mood today.  It was not a day to be messing around with him and blatantly disregarding his rules.  She seemed to have a knack for finding just those days.  But, she just felt so... contrary today!  She didn't want to run errands, she wanted to curl up with her book--she was almost done with it!  Then when he'd scolded her for her naughtiness, he'd caught her making faces behind his back.  (How did he always see that!?)  It was after all of that that now baby girl found herself in her current situation.

"Bend over," Daddy ordered, motioning to the back of the loveseat.  They were standing in the living room, it was mid-afternoon; the only thing she could be grateful for was that all the curtains were closed.  She tried to appeal to him anyway.

"But Daddy, we're in the middle of the house! And I wasn't trying to be bad, not really!" She turned her best big puppy eyes on him.

He stared at her. "Number one, you know that doesn't work on me, number two, yes you were trying to be bad, and number three, I don't give a damn if we're in the middle of the house.  Would you rather I took you outside and bent you over the hood of the car in the middle of the driveway?"

She shook her head no vehemently, knowing full well he'd do it, then slowly bent over the back of the small sofa, placing her palms flat on the cushions and resting her hips on the top edge of the back.  She felt cool air caress her backside as Daddy lifted her skirt up over her back and slid her panties down to her knees.  Next came the heart-quickening sound of Daddy's belt as he pulled it free from its loops and made it into just the right loop.  She felt his strong hand on the small of her back, and involuntarily tightened her body.

His voice was calm and steady, relaxing her as he spoke.  "Tell me what you did wrong, Baby Girl."  The love in his voice was almost enough to bring her to tears.

"I disobeyed your instructions, Sir.  And... and I made faces at you." Her voice quavered slightly.  "I'm sorry Daddy," she whispered.

"Do you deserve to be punished?"

"Yes Sir."

He made her push out her butt and lower her head, then gave her some warm-up strokes.  He knew it had been awhile since he'd taken care of his girl the way she needed, so it didn't really surprise him that she was acting out so much.  Hopefully today would be a step toward taking care of that.

After about ten minutes of warmup, he checked to see if she was doing okay, then set the belt aside.  She always took his hand as much more personal.  Gently, he led his baby girl around to the other side of the sofa and laid her over his lap.  "I'm going to make you cry today, Little One."

"Yes Daddy.  Thank you Daddy." She looked up at him, her eyes beaming, red with unshed tears that desperately needed to be brought out.

His hand came down on her soft, pink flesh, striking her from the tops of her buttocks to halfway down her thighs.  Even when she struggled, he merely put his strong leg over her two and kept going, knowing her tears would take a long time in coming.

Ding Dong

Baby Girl jumped a mile when the doorbell rang  Daddy merely looked up.  When it rang again, she slid off Daddy's lap and crouched in a ball on the floor.  Daddy stood, took note of the fact that this behaviour would need some correction, and slid the curtains aside to see who was at the door.  He turned around with a smile.

"Little one, I want you standing in the corner, over there," he pointed to a very prominent corner of the living room, "with your nose in the corner.  Do not speak unless I give you permission, and do not move, do you understand me?"

Slowly she stood and followed instructions.  "Yes Daddy."

He walked over to her and tucked her skirt up into her waistband, adjusted her panties back around her knees, so that her bright red bare bottom was completely on display, then went to answer the door.

Baby Girl was horrified, but had to stay put, so just pressed her bright red face in the corner, trying to hide her shame.  She heard Daddy welcoming his buddy, Mr. R., there to look at a few projects he'd been helping on around the house.  Oh geez.  Well, at least he knew.  He'd been friends with their family for a couple of years now, and recently had been told of their Domestic Discipline lifestyle.  But still, letting him openly see her in the midst of punishment?  OMG!

Daddy and Mr. R went around the house, talking about what projects needed to be done, where they should start, town gossip, what football team was winning this week, pretty much everything but her, even though she felt Mr. R's burning eyes on her body more than once.

When they finally got to the living room, all he said was, "Hey little one, what kinda trouble you get yourself into today?"

Daddy laughed.  "Maybe it would teach her more of a lesson if someone else swung the belt a couple of times?"

He knew she couldn't protest; she wasn't allowed to speak!

Daddy came near and carressed her sore backside,  "Maybe not this time though babygirl," he whispered. "This time, Daddy wants to make you cry all by himself.  You want that baby girl?"

Relieved, she nodded, leaning against her Daddy.

Soon, their friend was done, and he said goodbye to both of them, shook hands with Daddy, and left.

"You were a very good girl during all of that," Daddy said approvingly as he came close, took her by the hand, and led her into the bedroom.

Gently he removed his little sub's clothing and laid her face down on the bed.  "No more interruptions now."


  1. sweet! i thoroughly enjoyed that!


  2. very nice little eyes welled up with tears when Mr R came in...i would have cryed like a baby.

  3. wow... not your best? girl you have skillz

  4. Omg! I was horrified (for you) when Mr R came. It also made me wet. Good job!