Jan 12, 2012

Oral Exam

He'd already positioned her in front of him, on her knees and naked except for her sheer black thigh-highs and heels.  Her expression was contrite as she stared submissively up at him--now it was contrite anyhow.  It hadn't been that way ten minutes ago...

"Did you understand your instructions clearly, little one?"

"Yes, Master, it's just, I got distracted..."

"Distracted?" He cocked an eyebrow.  "Really?  And you think that's a good excuse, my little slut?"

"Really, it's not that big of a deal!"

He sighed inwardly.  He'd known his new slave would come with some discipline problems, but such outright defiance?  He felt his cock shift as it hardened slightly... a good teaching session was definitely what was needed here.

And that had led to where she was now: properly humbled and on her knees in front of him.  A good start.

"I think you need to learn who your Master is." His voice was calm, and very quiet.  It caused a shiver to run through her, and he knew that if he bent to feel, the soft folds of her cunt would be wet already.

He unzipped his pants.  "Open your mouth, slut."

Feeling the warm, thick head of his cock slide past her open lips almost made him lose his composure--almost.  She tried to slide her lips all the way down his shaft and he wrapped his hand in her long hair and jerked her back.

"No!"  It was a low, sharp rebuke that took her so completely by surprise that she dropped him out of her mouth entirely.

"Master?" Her eyes were big and confused.

His expression softened a bit.  "Little slave, I told you that you are learning who your Master is, didn't I?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good girl.  Then I control you; your only job is to please me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."  Her eyes gazed adoringly up at him.

He controlled the smile that wanted to flash across his face; she was definitely eager to please him.

Fingers still entwined tightly in her hair, he guided her back into position, pushing just the head of his tightly-throbbing cock past her lips.

"Wrap your lips around it and use your tongue to explore it," he directed.  Her instant obedience pleased him, as did her wet tongue, as he slowly inserted himself deeper into her mouth, pausing often to let her explore the length of him.

When she reached his base, he instructed her to suck him for a few moments, pleasantly surprised that she'd managed to take his whole length without choking.  But when his hand tightened in her hair, she stopped and held perfectly still, awaiting his next instructions.

"Mmmm," he growled appreciatively. "Very good, slut.  Now it's my turn. Open up for me."

He yanked her hair harshly, forcing a little squeal of pain out of her as he pulled her head back so that he could see her face.  "Don't close your eyes, keep looking at me, understand?"

She nodded a fraction, focusing her gaze on his.

He fucked her mouth slowly at first, savoring how wet it was, relishing the feeling of his cock-head hitting the back of her throat with each stroke.  Languidly he gazed down at her, admiring her full breasts, her beautiful ass...

He pushed his cock as far down her throat as possible and smacked her sharply enough across the cheek that a tear came to her eye.

"Your hand, slut.  I didn't authorize you to touch yourself."  She struggled beneath him, trying not to choke on the fullness in her throat.  "Hands behind your back."  That calm, stern voice again.  "Right.  Now."

Her hands flew behind her back and locked themselves together.  He pulled free of her, leaving her gasping in front of him.

"Lay back, slut."  It was a terse order, one with an expectation of being immediately obeyed.

He admired the pose for a moment: her on her knees, bent back, lying on her hands, legs apart, dripping pussy completely exposed to him.  Then he bent and smacked her wet, swollen cunt... hard.

She cried out in surprise and pain, but he could tell she'd controlled the impulse to move.

"Whose pussy is this?" he murmured, inserting two fingers into her.  She moaned, her muscles clenching around him.

"Yours, Master," she whispered.

"Do you touch your Master's toys without permission, slave?"

She shuddered as he started pushing his fingers in and out of her, rubbing small circles around her clit with his thumb.  "N-n-no, M-master."

"I think my little slut wants to cum," he said thoughtfully.

"Oh yes, yes please Master!" Her voice was so hopeful.

He played with her for a few more seconds then withdrew his fingers and smacked her again, harder this time.  "Good, slut.  I like it when you're wet for me.  Now sit up, and keep your arms behind you from now on."

He ignored her pout as he slid his cock back into her mouth and twined his fingers back into her hair.   This time, he didn't hesitate, but took her forcefully, fucking her mouth like he would fuck her cunt: hard and rough.  Tears formed at the corners of her eyes and slid down her cheeks; saliva began to pool off her lower lip; her cheeks were flushed with passion and she could hardly keep from gagging on him.  God she looked beautiful!

He held her gaze, his cock slamming into her thoat once, twice more, then suddenly withdrew.

She kept her eyes on his and her mouth open for him.  Good slut.

With a shudder, he came on her, painting her face with his seed, marking her as HIS.  She closed her eyes as she felt his warmth spatter across her, but kept her mouth open, her tongue out, wanting to taste him.

She stayed perfectly still, eyes still closed, awaiting his instructions, as he zipped up.

He tapped the jizz-free end of her nose, smiling at what a pretty picture she made.  "Good girl," he growled.  "Now take some of what I gave you onto your fingers and use it to play with MY pussy.  I want you to cum for me."

"Yes Master," she murmured, opening her legs wider and reaching up to wipe some of his already-thickening semen off her cheek.  Her fingers went to her pussy, starting into slow, tentative circles...