Oct 28, 2010

Friends & Fantasies (Part 3)

Somewhere, low music was throbbing. He stepped around her and pulled her through the room, neatly avoiding the small tables scattered around an open dais. There were people at those tables, but most of them were engaged in talking… or kissing, touching, petting… What was this place?! She didn’t have time to try and guess; he had her in the center of the room, was guiding her to lie down on the low platform there.

Then he was on his knees, pushing up her dress, and the room melted away as she felt him lick her through her panties. Her breath caught in her throat at the novel way his tongue felt through the cloth, and then he was peeling them down her thighs and off her feet, discarding them with an impatient growl. Pushing her knees wide, he bent to taste her again. Her back arched and she couldn’t hold back a moan as he easily found her button and pressed his tongue against it for a moment before pulling her close to bite softly.

It took less than a minute before the entire night of sexual tension, combined with his expert mouth, made her erupt, cumming fiercely against him. He held her down with his hands, unceasingly sucking and licking the warm juices running from within her. It was only when she’d started to ease up, and he felt the inner contractions stop, that he sat up, and looked at her.

“Next time, ask me before you cum, little one,” his tone was serious, startling her. What was this? He smacked her still-swollen pussy with two fingers, eliciting a little yelp from her. She sat up and suddenly remembered that they had an audience. Luckily, a lot of people were engaged with each other, but a few were definitely watching! This was a first for her!

Then he was there, diverting her attention again. Firmly, but not ungently, he pulled her up beside him, his mouth covering hers, forcing his tongue into her. She could taste herself on him, and the very idea of that caused her pussy to start throbbing again.

His hands went to her dress, pulling it up and over her head, breaking contact with her lips for only a moment to let the cloth slip over her head. Then he was kissing her again, his hands pressing against her back, sliding lower to cup her ass and pull her against him. His grip tightened, one palm sliding down to rub at the cleft between her cheeks, rubbing deeper until she felt his fingers pushing against her tight hole.

His mouth went to her neck, biting her hard as one of his fingers explored deeper inside of her. She was wet enough that he slid into her easily, and her body tensed at the deliciousness of this new invasion.

“Tell me what you want,” he murmured, his lips pressed against her ear.

“Please fuck me,” she moaned softly.

She felt his low chuckle. “Not yet, little kitty.” His hands pulled away, and then one of them was curled in her hair, pulling it tightly. Before she knew it, she was on her knees in front of him, one of his hands still buried in her hair, the other working to free his cock from his pants. Eagerly, she helped him let it out, her hands encircling it for a moment before her mouth closed around it.

He was surprised after just a few moments to feel her take him into her throat, swallowing almost the entire length. Her tongue worked at the underside of it, caressing in a way that caused him to shudder slightly. He knew if he let her continue this for too long, it would be hard not to lose control. Still, he pressed roughly into her mouth, pushing all of himself as deeply as possible, and was rewarded when he felt her throat close as she choked on him. He looked down to see her green eyes wide, staring up at him, but she didn’t pull away.

His grip in her hair tightened. Momentarily, he thought about just letting himself go, but he knew she needed more than that. She needed to know that he wanted her, that he had the power to take her, and wasn’t going to play the nice guy any more. She’d confided in him more than once over the years about her desire for a loving, but very dominant man to take her in hand and bring out her inner submissive. This was his chance to prove to her who that man was going to be.

With a low groan, he pulled himself away from her. “Stay,” he ordered, and then he was gone, just like that. And she was in the middle of the room, on hands and knees, in only a bra, staring at a room full of people. Some were watching her, some were making out, and some, she noticed, were busy in the darkest corners of the room, moving against each other.

She blushed suddenly at this public exposure and looked around, feeling somewhat abandoned. Then he was behind her, and she felt him lift her hair and place something around her neck. She reached up and felt the collar as he finished buckling it; looked up at him in confusion and saw that he had a leather leash attached to it.

“Good kitty,” he murmured, giving her a sardonic smile. Then, with a slight tug, he led her, still on hands and knees, to one side of the dais, where she noticed a hook protruding out of the floor. He knelt in front of her, wrapping the leash around the hook so that she was forced to bend down, with her face close to the floor. Gently, he kissed her forehead.

“Tell me again what you want, little kitten.”

Her body shivered with expectation; her pussy was soaked, and she could feel the wetness leaking down her inner thighs.

“Fuck me,” she moaned. “Please, please fuck me…”

He moved behind her, pulling his cock free again and pushing it between her thighs. He slipped easily into her slick pussy, sliding in, then slowly back out, teasing her.

“Here?” he asked, sliding slowly back in.

“Yeeessss,” she moaned, pushing impatiently back against him.

His palm left a nice red mark on her ass cheek.

“Wrong answer.” His voice was deceptively calm. “Where do you want me to fuck you, little one?” His hand traced the inner crevice of her buttocks, his fingers finding her tight little hole again. He felt her pussy tense around him as she realized what he wanted to hear.

She murmured something so low, he could barely hear it.

His palm lifted, gracing the other cheek with an equally bright red print.

“What was that, little pet? I want everyone to hear you.”

She groaned, her hips automatically bucking against him at his commanding tone. There was no escaping the fact: he wanted her to beg for it.

“Please fuck my ass,” she whispered, felt him spank her harder, and practically shouted it. “Please Sir, please fuck my ass!”

“Good girl,” he murmured, pleased. He slipped one finger into her, his cock still buried in her pussy, and began working it around, loosening her for his entry. When a second finger went in, she pushed her ass against him, her head on her elbows, eyes closed, her little whimpers begging him to take her.

After another moment, he slowly withdrew. Everything he’d done had been gentle, so she let out a shocked squeal when he suddenly buried himself deep inside her ass, without warning. Her body tensed for a moment, but his hands were tight around her waist, holding her against him, and after a moment, she relaxed, and a wave of desire overtook her. Spreading her legs slightly to allow him even more access, she pushed back against him. Slowly at first, then with increasing pace, he began to move inside of her, until he was pounding forcefully into her, fucking her hard.

She began to moan, first in little squeals every time he pushed into her, then louder and longer until she was almost screaming, “goddd yes, yeessss, please…!”

Suddenly she was begging him, her voice almost breaking as she tried to control herself, “please, I need to cum, please please Sir, please may I cum?!”

His hands tightened around her waist and he drove into her, knowing he was about to lose it. “Yes, baby, come for me,” he gave permission just as he felt himself let go inside of her. Her ass clenched around him tightly, milking the cum from him, a low growl escaping from deep within his chest.

When it was over, both of them stayed in position, panting, trying to catch their breath. She looked out from her hands and knees, his softening cock still buried inside of her, and realized they were still in the back room of the bar. There were still others, a few fucking around them. Some couples were sitting together, arms around each other, smiling at her… at the two of them. Oh my god…

She didn’t have time to freak out too much. He felt her stiffen, saw her scan the room, and pulled out of her, reaching to unbuckle the collar and free her before drawing her to her knees and into his arms. Gently he stroked her hair, kissed her face, held her. Finally, when he felt her relax trustingly into him, he rose, bringing her to her feet with him. Someone, she thought it was the bartender, brought a soft flowing robe… cloak?... something… and draped it around her. She heard him say thank you, and distantly heard the woman’s voice come back “it’s about time I saw you happy”, and then he was escorting her out of the room, back through the bar…

Somehow, she ended up in his bed, nestled against him under a soft black comforter. He held her, whispering sweet things into her ear as she drifted easily into sleep.

For a few more moments, he stared down at her, hardly believing that this had really happened. God, it would suck if I woke up tomorrow alone, and this was all a dream… He wrapped his arms around her more tightly, willing her to stay, then laid his head down beside her, instantly drifting into the soundest sleep he’d had in a long time.

Oct 27, 2010

Friends & Fantasies (part 2)

(Part one is here)

Wanting to appear casually nonchalant was harder than it sounded, considering it was the exact opposite of how she felt. Finally, she settled on her short purple dress—the one that accentuated her curves in all the right places, but didn’t look particularly dressy. Pretty wedges, a slight brush of make-up, make sure her hair was in place, and she left the room at 6:55. Not bad, she thought, slipping back into the cute blue Dodge Neon she’d parked outside. Her hands shook slightly as she turned the key, gripped the gearshift… she willed herself to calm down. For all intents and purposes, this was just a meeting between two close friends who hadn’t seen each other in awhile, right? If he had no designs past that, she needed to look as if she felt the same!

Already at the theater, he’d actually been pacing out front for ten minutes when he finally allowed himself a peek at his watch. 6:57. Okay, good… besides, come on, she was always late! He wondered what she was driving; should’ve asked. Maybe his cryptic message hadn’t been such a good idea—she hadn’t even answered! Perhaps she’d sensed what he was really feeling and wouldn’t even be there; after all, he knew only too well that she was a pro at running away from situations that distressed her.

She stopped the car in a parking spot that was just a little further away than she needed to be. Okay fine, she’d parked way out in the boonies in order to give herself time to, what? Relax? Honestly, I’m making far too big a deal of this! Mentally shaking herself—hard—she grabbed her purse, got out of the car, and started towards the theater. Everything looked exactly as she remembered it. This place never changes.

She hasn’t changed much. He’d spotted her immediately. Blue Neon, parking way the hell out in the lot. He shook his head and smiled softly, knowing her well enough to realize that she was more than a little anxious. Good, that means she feels it too. His plans solidified even more when she caught sight of him and headed over, a blush rising on her face, even in the coolness of this late October evening.

She didn’t think about it. Her arms just encircled him, her body pressed against his, and she melted into his solid embrace. She inhaled his scent, her body tingling with recognition, and finally felt her anxiety dissolve, replaced instead by intense warmth and pleasure. There was a momentary jolt to her bliss when she felt him pull away slightly, but then his lips were on hers, urgently, possessively trying to claim all the kisses they’d missed out on.

When he finally let her up for air, she looked dizzy, and he had to smile. “Hey,” he said softly, reaching up to brush hair from her eyes.

“Hey to you too.” She smiled up at him, looking for all the world like a shy little girl, and his heart melted at her feet.

Taking her hand, he led her to his car. She looked a little unsure, glancing back at the theater marquee, but he just shook his head and opened the passenger door for her. “Not tonight kitten. I don’t want to sit in the dark where I can’t see you.”

“So where are you taking me then?” Her voice was playful as he slid into the driver’s seat. She was gaining her equilibrium back after that first, earth-shattering kiss. Now she was curious as to what else he had planned for the night. Wow he looks good!

“You’ll see. So how have you been? Has the trip been okay so far?” He sounded way more casual than he felt. Then again, he realized that he really wanted to know. He wanted to know everything this woman was feeling, thinking, wanting… He knew tonight would be it: all or nothing.

They chatted familiarly for the few minutes it took to reach their destination. She stared at the building curiously as he opened her door and helped her out. Well, here was something new! She didn’t remember this bar from back in the day, although to be fair, she hadn’t been of drinking age the last time she’d been in town.

“They built this place just a couple years ago,” he said, confirming her thoughts. “I’m not much of a drinker, but I come here a lot for the pool tables and live music. Everyone pretty much knows me, but I’ve always come alone so you should turn a few heads.”

“Gee, thanks for putting me in the spotlight like that.” She grinned and threaded her arm through his, thrilled and nervous at the same time.

“You don’t have anything to worry about kitten…” he smiled down at her. “At least not from anyone else…”

She didn’t have time to react; they were already going through the doors. Inside, it was a lot more inviting than she’d imagined. Inviting, and crowded. Everyone was greeting him, and staring at her. Boy, guess he hadn’t been lying about not having a woman on his arm before tonight. She felt special.

They passed the bar, where he gave an order to the woman behind the counter, and sat in a booth near the game area. A group of guys was clustered around the nearest pool table, two youngish-looking girls hanging on their every move, tits popping out from the tops of tight-fitting shirts. One of the girls said something to the others, then sashayed over to their table, bright red lips turned up into a smile for the handsome man at the table, piercing eyes glaring suspiciously from under fake lashes at his companion.

Yep, nothing changes in this town. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes, instead smiling brightly up at the girl.

“Hey, you.” The comment was definitely directed only at him. “You finally took someone up on an offer to come with you, huh?”

His tone was dismissive. “I asked her, actually. How are you doing tonight, Missy?”

Missy’s smile stayed put, and she bent to put her arms on the table, displaying her well-rounded assets to them. “Better now,” she purred. Luckily, she was interrupted, or, more accurately, abruptly shoved aside, by the waitress bringing their drinks. Her intended prey for the night calmly paid the waitress, then deliberately bent to kiss the neck of the girl he’d brought with him. Seething, Missy stalked back to her group. A few of the guys looked over and waved, wondering at the stranger he’d brought, but they knew enough to leave him alone, for now.

He bent to kiss her neck again, lingering this time, grazing her with his teeth. Goosebumps immediately rose on her flesh, and he laughed softly before nibbling on her a little harder.

“I think someone likes this,” he whispered, his breath hot in her ear.

She squirmed against him. “Mmmm, yes please…”

He turned a little, wrapping his arms around her waist. “Let’s find out just how much,” he murmured, biting even harder, one hand finding its way down to cup her most intimate area. She stiffened at the thought of him touching her this way… right here, right in this bar, then her thoughts became all jumbled as his teeth worked their way up to graze her earlobe. She let out a small moan and pushed herself into his hand, instinctively arching her neck, offering herself to him.

Rough kisses seared her neck; she knew that she’d have bruises by morning. The room and its other occupants faded to her as she felt him pull at her dress, his fingers finding their way underneath to her panties. For the third time today, she felt herself get wet because of him, only this time, his expert touch was there, gently tracing the outlines of her soft lips and hardening clit through the thin cotton.

Just as suddenly as he’d started, he stopped, pulling his hands away, the scent of her arousal drifting up in the air around them as he calmly fixed her skirt. She turned to look up at him with wide, half-dazed eyes, and found him smiling down at her, a soft look on his face.

“What?” he asked innocently. “Did you want me to undress you right here, in front of all these people?”

She flushed, suddenly hyper-aware of where they were. Glancing over, she saw that Missy was studiously ignoring them, but most of the guys nearby had knowing grins on their faces.

“Uh… oops,” she muttered, turning back to him, bright red. “I don’t usually… I mean, I haven’t…” She floundered, unsure what to say.

He laughed and winked at her, totally unconcerned as he picked up his drink. “This place could use a good show every now and then,” he teased.

The next few hours flew by as they talked, catching up on life in a way that text messages and emails couldn’t do justice to. He ran his fingers along her arms as they spoke, rubbed her stomach, nuzzled her neck, but always kept the conversation going, not giving into the passion he had displayed when they first sat down.

People walked by, stopping to say hi sometimes, but slowly, the bar started to empty. At ten-o-clock, she realized she had to use the ladies’ room, and, when she stood up, was surprised to see the bartender closing the doors behind the last few patrons. They were the only ones left inside!

She glanced over at him, a question half-forming in her mouth, but didn’t get the chance to say anything before he stood up, pulling her into his arms and pressing his mouth against hers, his tongue sweeping a burning arc between her lips. After a moment, he pulled away.

“Didn’t you have to use the bathroom?”

She nodded, too dazed to speak. “Then go.” He turned her around to face in the right direction and smacked her backside. “It’s that way.”

When she emerged, he wasn’t at their table any more. She didn’t see the bartender either. Why would this place close so early? Bars were usually just getting started at 10:00!

Just then, some noises on the other side of the room attracted her attention. Walking that way, she noticed an open doorway they hadn’t passed on their way in. The lights were dim, but a few voices wafted out at her, so she decided to check it out, wondering if that was where her companion had gone off to.

As she entered the room, she felt his presence behind her even before she heard his voice.

“Welcome to my party, kitten,” he whispered in her ear as his arms went around her, pulling her against him. She could feel how hard he was, and her body responded immediately.

Oct 26, 2010

Friends & Fantasies (story)

Meet me at 7.Theater.

That was the extent of his text. WTF?! She hadn’t seen him in… how long had it been? Quickly she counted on her fingers… seven years. It had been seven years since she’d even seen her handsome best friend, and when she texts to say she’ll be pulling into town at noon, this is all he has to say?! Still, anger isn’t the emotion that is rising up to fill her insides; it feels more like… impatient trepidation. The memory of the last time she saw him seeps into her mind, occupying the last sixty-six minutes her GPS says it will take to get to the hotel.

They are standing outside the theater, where they just saw “Titanic.” His arms are around her, holding her so close, she can hardly breathe. Still, she tries to get even closer, willing herself to somehow fuse into him so that she won’t have to leave tomorrow. This is what she needs… him, holding her, forever.

He lets go with one arm and gently lifts her chin, pressing his lips to hers with an urgency born from years of restraint. Years of being “the friend” instead of “the one.” Years of watching one boy after another use her, hurt her, throw her away. He pushes all of that emotion, and more, into this one kiss, trying to reach into her heart and make her understand all the love and desire he has hidden all of these years.

She responds willingly, wondering at him, and at the certainty she’s had all this time that he didn’t see her “like that.” All the secret fantasies converge into this one moment, and a low moan escapes from her throat as she opens her mouth to his insistence. Her hips press tightly against his, she inhales the scent of his cologne… she never wants this embrace to end.

Sadly, there are people waiting for them, and when they step apart, they are too young, too new to such strong emotion to know what to say to each other. He holds her hand as he leads her to the car, but the moment is slipping away, and neither of them knows how to hold onto it.

She leaves the next day. He kisses her goodbye, watches the Greyhound as it slips into the early morning fog. Tears prick his eyes, a few even escaping to be impatiently wiped away. But she has her own life to live; he’s never been able to get through to her heart, why should this time be any different? He shakes his head sadly and walks away, grateful that nobody else is there to see the pain evident on his face.

As the bus pulls away, she thinks to herself, “It was the movie; he was just reacting. If he’d wanted me to stay, surely he would have said so. He probably has a girl he truly wants, probably going to her right now. It’s never been like that between us, and it never will.” She turns, trying to get a last look at him, but he has already left, further proof that he had better things to do.

She shakes her head, looks at the GPS. Okay, that definitely didn’t take enough time up: still forty-three minutes to go. After that day, they’d stayed in contact, neither daring to bring up what had happened. The friendship, and the secret fantasies, stayed intact. He was her most important friend, even now. And she was… what to him?

Well, she was going to find out! If she was honest with herself, that was mostly the reason for this little trip. Yeah, she’d been invited to the area for business, but going to the conference was just the excuse she’d needed to take this little side trip. Not for the first time, she wondered if he’d even want anything to do with her, knowing what little he did about her (other) fantasies. After all, not every guy felt the desire to be dominant, to bend a woman to his will and expose her inner slut in order to quench both their desires…

She shifted slightly in her seat, feeling her “inner slut” manifest with a rush of wetness. Hmm… wonder how many times this rental has been filled with the scent of sex? She shook her head again, grinning foolishly, and tried to concentrate more on her driving.

The hotel was… too normal. Her pent-up anxiety seemed more suited to pink neon lights and vibrating beds. Or perhaps leather, dark smoky lighting, the sound of flesh turning red under a master’s touch… Sigh. Such fantasies! And she seemed so young and sweet and innocent to the naked eye!

She set down her suitcase and stared at the bland paintings on the walls, the striped mauve-and-orange bedspread, the heavy linen curtains. Home sweet home! Her mind dismissed it all as she sat on the edge of the bed, her thoughts turning obsessively back to him. Was he thinking about her? Was he wondering if she were in town yet? She thought about texting to let him know, then decided it seemed more romantic somehow to just wait until 7, when they would meet face-to-face for the first time in years. But what to do until then?

She stifled a yawn and decided to get some rest. Sleep made time go faster! Pushing off her jeans so she could sleep more comfortably, she curled up on top of the comforter and closed her eyes.


It was after 6:00 by the time she awoke. Languidly, she stretched, and the fact that she was incredibly aroused suddenly occurred to her. What HAD she been dreaming about? Oh yeah... theater, kiss, a 7:00 meeting… this whole thing had launched some pretty dirty fantasies apparently.

She blushed slightly, then realized how silly it was to be bashful in front of herself. So instead, she slipped one hand down between her thighs. Her panties were damp. Smiling a little, she closed her eyes and concentrated on what she'd been dreaming about.

If anyone had been watching inside the small room, they would have seen a shapely girl in a white t-shirt and pink panties lying on the bed, lost in fantasy, her long brown hair spread out around her on the pillow, a half smile gracing her lips, her green eyes closed. The fingers of her right hand crept under her panties, making expert circles over her swollen clit; her left hand gripped a handful of blanket beside her. She was already aroused enough that it took only a couple of minutes before her long legs tensed, her hips pushed off the bed, and a small cry escaped her lips. When she opened her eyes, her cheeks were flushed and she was breathing heavily. In a cute, little girl sort of way, she blushed again as though she'd somehow caught herself in the act.

She laid there for a moment more, until suddenly realizing what time the clock had said. She half-sat up: the dim red numbers read 6:27. Her stomach filled with butterflies as she nervously jumped off the now-rumpled bedspread, and almost tripped over her suitcase. It wasn’t a big town; in fact, it wouldn’t take long at all to get to the theater, but she still had to get dressed!

Oct 21, 2010

Love Our Lurkers Day

Yay, it's a blogger holiday especially for us ttwd'ers.  (Does that make sense grammatically? Oh well, I said it, thus it is now correct! ;) )

That's right, today is Love Our Lurkers Day, organized originally by Bonnie over at My Bottom Smarts.  If you haven't seen her blog, go check it out.  She's amazing!

So to all those out there who read my blog... thank you so much!  Yes, I write it because it gives me an emotional release, is a place where I don't have to hide who I truly am, and helps me make sense of myself... but the intense feeling of belonging to a community was a side-effect I didn't know about when I first started.  And I think I can safely say that is my favorite benefit.  The comments and encouragement of others, not to mention seeing those actual stats that tell me there are lots of people all over the world checking in on me every day, make this little butterfly realize that she is not alone in all of this.  And that is a WONDERFUL feeling!!

Today, if you feel like it, take the time to stop and say something to your favorite bloggers.  Even just a "hi" is cool.  We love comments!  I'll be looking forward to hearing from you! <3