Sep 3, 2010

Tabitha's First Spanking

"Miss Ames, can you please come into my office? I need to speak with you."

Tabitha glanced up from where she was sliding her Calculus book into her bag, a bit startled. "Um, sure Professor Holloway..."

"What about the party, Tabby?" Callie muttered.

It was a gorgeous August Friday; their first week of their first year in college. All the kids were gathering at the park for the first party of the year. The two freshmen were part of the afternoon's wet T-shirt contest.

Tabitha shrugged. "I'm sure it'll only take a second. Just go on and get ready, I'll be there. Gotta pretend like this math crap means something to me."

Callie rolled her eyes. "I know, huh? Okay, see you there. By the way, don't wear a bra; I happen to know Rob wants to get a closer look at you." With a giggle, the tall blonde breezed out of the room.

Sighing inwardly, Tabitha shouldered her book bag and walked to the side door where Mr. Holloway's office was. Of course, at least he wasn't some old geezer with hair like Einstein. Actually, he was pretty damn cute. She guessed he was probably about 28, and his blonde hair and green eyes had already made for some naughty daydreaming by a large portion of his female students. She could be staying after class talking to Mrs. Cole, her fat pissy psych teacher, which would have sucked much worse than this.

"Yes, sir?"

Mr. Holloway looked up from a paper he was grading. His green eyes seemed to pierce right through her skull and she blushed, feeling as though he were reading her thoughts.

"Come in, Miss Ames. And please, shut the door behind you."

A little intimidated, the girl quietly pushed the thick office door shut and then approached her teacher, pressing her hands together in front of her and suddenly feeling like a small child.

She went to sit in the soft leather chair facing his large oak desk, but a sharp No from Mr. H. stopped her halfway down.

"Miss Ames, you may STAND. Right there, in front of the desk, please."

A strange feeling, kind of like adrenaline mixed with dread, filtered from her stomach to the back of her throat. Nervously, the eighteen-year-old swallowed and pushed her long brown hair back over her shoulders.


He stood and cast a stern look at her. "Miss Ames, do you consider college to be a joke?"

She quickly shook her head. "No, Mr. Holloway... um ...why?"

He picked up a folder and came around the desk. "Miss Ames, this is the in-class paper you wrote on Tuesday, when I asked the class to give me three paragraphs on why math is important in everyday life. Do you remember doing that?"

Barely; I think I was still half stoned from my first brush with X...

"Of course I do." Where the crap was this going?

"Keep your tone polite and call me Sir." He came closer, pulling a sheet of paper from the folder and setting it on the desk in front of her. She could see the lacy hearts and clouds drawn in the margins on the essay. Oh boy.

"You are no longer a child and I will not tolerate childish behavior in my COLLEGE class. I saw your previous grades and your entrance exam scores. Miss Ames, you are a very smart young woman. For your own good, I am going to have to set you straight before you get out of hand."

WHAT??? She looked up from the paper to her professor. His tone had been firm and even. There was no smile on his face; he wasn't joking.

Before she could say anything, he turned and went back around the desk. He opened the top left hand drawer and glanced inside. Then he looked her square in the eyes.

"Miss Ames, I want you to bend over and place your elbows firmly on the desk. Get your face right down over your paper and begin reading it please."


He didn't blink, merely reached his hand into the open drawer. "You heard me, Miss Ames."

His air of authority was overpowering, and, trembling a little, Tabitha slowly bent over the desk.

"'What does math mean to me?'" she began in a small voice as he came around the desk to stand behind her. Pausing, she half turned, trying to see him.

"Miss Ames, did I tell you to stop reading?" His voice was so stern. Her trembling increased and she quickly turned back to face the desk.

"'Math... is a farce,'" she continued. "'W-when someone is too much of a... n-nerd to have a social life... '"

Then she felt hard flat wood hit her ass and she gave a little yelp of surprise. Shifting her weight, she turned to stare at him with wide eyes.

"Keep reading, Miss Ames," he directed in that stern professor voice. She didn't know what else to do, so she obeyed.

"Um... he or she turns!" The next hit with the paddle was a lot harder than the first. Her skin tingled where he'd spanked her. "...Turns to math because they are too much of a loser to do anything else... oh god!" Her eyes watered as he paddled her for the third time. She could practically feel her ass turning red.

"Mr. H.," she begged, her voice tight. "I'm sorry; I was... not myself that day. I know math is important..." She stopped short as he spanked her again.

"Miss Ames, do NOT apologize to me. Keep reading."


She felt him take a step back. "You have no respect, do you Miss Ames? Please reach back and lift up your skirt. Maybe your daddy forgot to teach you to respect authority, but I assure you, the lesson WILL be taught."

Her face turned as red as her buttocks, but she quietly obeyed, lifting her short skirt to reveal a white cotton thong and her blushing ass.

"Now put your head down on your paper please."

As she complied, he stepped nearer and placed the paddle against her left buttock. "Why don't we start with a basic math lesson? Every time you feel the paddle hit you, I want you to count. Understand?"

She felt a delicious little tingle between her legs. Hmmm... "Yes, Sir," she whispered.

The paddle slapped her bare cheeks hard. "One..." she whimpered.

At two, tears began to fill her eyes. Man, he knew just how to make it sting.

By five, she felt herself getting moist. God, it hurt... but...

He made her count to twenty before he stepped away. She didn't dare move an inch, waiting for his directions. She felt his eyes examining his work.

"Miss Ames, do I need to continue, or do you think you've learned your lesson for today?"

"I've learned my lesson, Sir," Tabitha half sobbed, her whole body shaking, but not just from the pain.

"Then stand and turn around please."

She slowly rose from the desk and turned to face him. First, her eyes sought the object of her punishment, still in his hand, hanging by his side. As her gaze moved up, she saw the bulge in his pants, and her body gave a hard throb. Then she looked up into his stern green eyes.

"Don't think I will hesitate to punish you again if you mess up, understand?"

She nodded soberly.

"Fine, then. You are dismissed, Miss Ames. And by the way, you WILL wear undergarments at the party I know you will be attending later, is that clear?" He actually smiled at her look of surprise. "I'm not that much older than you Miss Ames and I know how young men are. Don't think of disobeying, because I WILL find out."

He moved to the door and opened it. Her body on fire, her mind a mess of confusion, Tabitha walked slowly past her teacher, her eyes cast demurely downward.


  1. I need to change jobs. I should have been a professor.

  2. this was fantastic. I hope you'll be continuing it. :)

  3. now that was hawt. Wicked, uber, incredibly hawt.

    i might even learn to like math with a teach like that!!!



  4. OMG. That was wonderfully hot. I loved it. In fact, I'm feeling pretty tingly myself... thanks!


  5. sounds a bit like plagerism from the movie secretary

  6. Anonymous: Actually, somebody who read my story awhile back said that, which made me find the movie and watch it-for the first time. (Really liked it!) Aside from the obvious difference that one is boss-secretary and one is teacher-student, I guess both are very common (and hot!) fantasies. Perhaps it is the formality with which the men in both address the women (as Miss) that makes the two seem similar? I, for one, after seeing the boss in Secretary, prefer my professor to him; Mr. H. is not nearly so conflicted or rude!