Aug 29, 2011

Can you smell the love?

I'm going to tell you a secret.

I don't shower every day.


Okay, catch your breath and I'll wait while you consider whether you want to un-follow me now...

Still there? :)

Here's the thing: I have really sensitive skin.  Were I to get into the water and lather it up every day, I'd be itching from here to the moon.  It's not even what kind of soap I use either, it's just getting wet too much.  It dries me out.  Maybe it has something to do with growing up in Death Valley.  As it is, Daddy already thinks I have an unhealthy addiction to lotion.

And we shouldn't even get started on my hair.  It's long and thick, and when you wash it more often than twice a week, it dries out and gets all icky.  But you know what?  Every stylist I've been to has told me I've got some of the healthiest hair she's ever seen.

So I guess I've just found what works for me.  The shower sees me once every 3 days or so (unless, of course, I do something sweaty), Daddy doesn't find long hairs stuck to his shower walls every single day; everyone's happy.

That being said, I do try to wash my face nightly, and I'm a clean freak about certain... other things.  I keep those cottonelle wipes in the bathroom (those things rock!), and my razor on the sink for quick fixes.  But luckily, I don't sweat a whole lot and rarely do anything too dirty (well... that's debatable, I suppose... hehe), so this all works out.

Now what made me post this?  Well, Kitty had this post that mentions how she learned that her man likes her natural smell.  And that made me start thinking about pheremones.

In my lifetime, I've had quite a few guys compliment me on my smell--my natural smell, not wearing any perfume.  Finally, one boyfriend told me that he was very attracted to my smell and that I produce a high amount of pheromones.  (Then he had to explain to me what the heck pheromones were! lol)  Perhaps it helps that I don't constantly wash off my body's natural oils and such?

Kitty's blog asks, but I am curious also: what do my readers think?  Have you ever met a man or woman that attracted you in a deep down way that may have been pheromones calling out to you?  Have you ever fallen in love with someone's scent?


  1. Great subject.

    I confess I'm digging the smell thing. For me my woman's natural scent is like gasoline to the primal spark within. As much as it perplexes her, a day on my woman rewards her with incredible dividends.

    I was just telling her yesterday that her scent was the smell of joy.

  2. Thanks for liking my blog post enough to do a spin off of your own:)!!!

    I know some people have really sensitive skin so I don't think it's gross that you don't shower every day...sometimes I don't, either.

    In answer to your question, when Daddy and I were first dating I asked him what his cologne was because he always smelled soooooo freakin' good. He laughed and said he didn't wear was just his natural scent. So, women aren't the only ones that have a good smell to them. When he's gone on a trip I don't want to wash the sheets because I like to sleep on his side of the bed and sniff his pillow so I can feel closer to him.


  3. I'm the same way and I have sensitive skin too. I can't even hang my clothes outside to dry or I end up being so itchy. My daughter is the same way to which makes it difficult since she does get dirty nearly every day and needs a shower.

    My skin and hair is so much healthier too because of the natural oils. It's so easy to just clean the cracks a crevices daily without needing a full on shower (unless of course you sweat a lot or get dirty).



  4. whether or not you like scents, daily showering is not really necessary for a typical office worker who doesn't exercise. It's just a habit and has become accepted in society but you don't need it to keep clean.


  5. I have fallen for (and can STILL remember) a guy because of his masculine scent. I could just breathe him in forever!

    Certain smells can take us back to familiar or happy memories (or sad). I've worn the same scent for nearly 30 years and I've had people that I haven't seen in years tell me when we meet again, that whenever they have smelt the perfume, they instantly think of me (in a good way LOL).

    I'm sure your hair is shiny! Not stripping away the natural oils everyday will keep it glistening!

    I don't think it's gross at all that you don't shower every day. If you have sensitivie skin, then showering/bathing is only going to irritate that! Have you tried Cetaphil? Its a non soap body cleanser. My daughter suffers from eczema and that helps her tremendously.

    Thanks for a great post. I'm enjoying your site.

    Take care, Sky

  6. I've always been a big fan of scent. It's very important to me that I like the scent of my mate. My Dom has a wonderful natural smell. I often DO just cuddle up to him and smell him, which he puts up with for some reason.

    I can't wash my hair everyday either. It strips my oils right out. Also, congrats on your hair! I'm also a fan of red (I'm a natural brunette).

    I too am super paranoid about my scent. Teeth, Hair, Body. Everything has to be clean. Once, my Dom wanted to have sex with me while I felt "unclean and smelly" and though I would have, I nearly started crying, so thankfully, I was allowed to shower first.

    I have a friend who seems to have the same affliction as you - she calls it being allergic to water.