Jun 26, 2011

Pull My Hair

This song is a little bit ridiculous, a lot naughty and dirty... and probably really offensive.  But I just love the way she moans "Fuck me Daddy, spank me Daddy" during the chorus! :)  So if you feel like getting a little turned-on at the moment (and aren't easily offended!), then here ya go...


  1. Nothing offensive here, LB. It's a masterly composition--captures this torrid encounter splendidly, and like it actually might happen.
    Pure and powerful erotolalia, LB. Thanks for
    sharing, cuz I doubt it'll be on XM's "Top 20 on 20" any time soon... ;-)

  2. Dear Anonymous, Thanks for the comment. And for introducing me to a word that I didn't know!

    From wikipedia: Erotolalia means 'erotic speech'. It is commonly used between partners during sexual intercourse.

    ~little butterfly (since it won't let me post as myself for some reason!!)

  3. I think the chorus what the only part of the song that I actually liked!