Nov 13, 2011

Late, but still loved!

Darn, I can't believe this!  I missed Love Our Lurkers Day!  I'm so bummed.  So... I know this is belated, but thank you to all of you who come and read.  I love the sense of freedom I get from having a place like this to come and share my thoughts, feelings, and innermost wants and needs.  There isn't much in my actual world that can compare to that; sometimes it feels like all we do is walk around with different masks on all day long! 

To those that have commented: thank you for the feedback and for stopping to take time out of your day to say that you care or that something I have said affected you somehow.  And to those who come and read and never say a word: thanks for coming!  Thanks for taking time to want to know what I have to say.  I can only pray that my words are helping to reinforce the sense of community we've all tried so hard to foster, and that perhaps I've helped inform someone out there of... something.  I know that writing this blog does so much for me; I hope that it has done something to touch some of you as well.

To all of my readers: I like to imagine that if we met, we'd be friends.


  1. Hi LB,

    You're welcome to join in any time. I added your link to the LOL Day post and hopefully some happy revelers will come to visit.


  2. Wow Bonnie, thanks! You are so sweet!

    And thank you for the comment, rebekah. :)