Apr 26, 2016

The Chase

Her breath came in short, painful gasps as she ran through the trees, scanning for places to hide. She knew there were spots; she wasn't completely unfamiliar with this setting.

He was somewhere back there. On her trail. Coming for her. She could almost smell his desire. She paused, shivering in the darkening gloam of the evening. Her ears were on high alert, listening for any trace of a sound that might tell her he was close.

The tree she had stopped beside was rough against her nearly bare skin. All she wore was a simple dress, more of a shift really, that barely covered the fact that she wore no bra and only flimsy panties.

What was that? Her head turned toward the sound. Did a branch crack? Without a sound, she was off again, darting to the right, where she vaguely remembered there might be an old barn...

Low underbrush scraped at her legs, leaving red lines. She barely noticed, even when a particularly thorny plant snagged her skin and left a small trail of blood to snake down her thigh.

There! A dim shape suddenly rose out of the gloom: a weathered old barn, its creaky doors sitting unguarded and askew, its roof obviously half caved in. It gently invited her to hide in its depths.

She paused at the entrance, cocked her head, listening. He was out there, hunting her... but he was too good: she couldn't sense a thing. Without a sound, she slipped into the crumbling structure.

The smell of musty hay and oil greeted her nostrils. She had to pick her way over various wooden beams, farm tools, and other, unidentified objects.  Near the back of the structure, she found some old horse stalls. Perhaps she could crouch inside a nook or cranny there…

One look into the small wooden horse pens made her realize that these were too obvious; he'd find her in an instant. This barn offered nothing for her. She turned to find an escape, but there he was, silhouetted against the entrance.

He was so large that his form seemed to fill the entryway. She shuddered and instinctively ducked, although he couldn't see her from his angle.

As quietly as possible, she slipped into the nearest stall; there were no other options. Maybe if she hid right against the wall... didn't even breathe...

"I know you're in here, little fawn..." His voice carried through the barn, even though he spoke softly.

She tried to suppress her shiver of fear, ignoring the way the cleft between her thighs began to heat.

He moved like an animal, intent on rousting his prey, seeming to come straight for her hiding space... But no—he’d stopped to look in another area.

She dared  to lean forward, stealing a glance between the rotting boards. He was like a wolf, scenting for her. She wondered if he could smell her fear, or perhaps her growing arousal.

When she pulled back, the traitorous boards creaked, the small sound like a gunshot in the still darkness of the barn. She actually felt his teeth bare in a satisfied smile, even from across the distance between them.

"I've found you, my little one," he murmured, stalking toward her location. "And I'm very very hungry..."

With a shriek, she jumped up and tried to push past him, intent on gaining her freedom. He caught her easily, his body blocking her escape, his arms encircling her much smaller frame.

With a laugh that sounded to her ears like a triumphant howl, he wrapped one fist in her hair while the other encircled her throat. Then he pushed her back into the stall.

With ease, he pressed her back, dropping her flat onto the dusty old hay covering the floor, his body coming down to cover hers. Her instincts took over and she kicked and squirmed, trying to escape. A low snarl escaped her lips as he pinned her wrists against the ground.

His body on top of hers, his hands holding her wrists, he bent and found her throat, his mouth closing on one side of her neck. His teeth bit into her, gently at first, then harder, until her body stiffened, and she squealed with pain.

Then he sat up and looked her in the eyes. "Mine," he growled at her. He pushed her wrists together, grasping both with one of his large palms. His other hand slipped between them, grasping her panties and effortlessly pulling them down. His fingers felt for her pussy, held it. "Mine," he said again.

Her eyes were big as she stared up at him. She was trembling, but she couldn't tell any more whether it was with fear or desire. Both warred within her.

He wasn't waiting for her to decide. She was his prey, and he wanted to taste her. With a grunt, he pushed her dress up around her chest, bent, and pulled one of her breasts into his mouth, his teeth gnawing at the tender nipple. The hand restraining her let go of her wrists as he reached to undo his pants.

Automatically, she pushed at him, her senses kicking back in. She must fight, run! She wasn't held down now! She pushed at his shoulders, clawed at his back, tried to kick at him.

With a curse, he grabbed her by the hair and roughly yanked her head to one side, causing her to gasp with pain. His other hand went to his waist, where he slid off his belt. With seeming ease, he flipped her over and pulled her to her feet as he rose. Then he pushed her against the side of the stall, looping the thick leather strap around a rusted metal bar that ran between the stalls and securing her hands.

Her back to him, he grabbed her hips and pulled her toward him so that her ass stuck out. She wasn't prepared for his large hand to come down on her naked flesh. He struck her rapidly, spanking her so hard that it took her breath away. Whimpers of pain escaped her throat with each blow until she broke down and began to sob.

Suddenly, he was against her, his hard cock easily thrusting into her body. Finding her pussy so wet and eager for him, he groaned, one hand grasping her hip tightly enough to leave bruises. Wrapping his fist in her hair again, he pulled her back against him and fucked her hard, the animal in him enjoying this position, enjoying the soft grunts that escaped her every time he buried himself deep inside her.

When he felt himself close to coming, he let go of her hair and bent down, wrapping his arms around her and squeezing her breasts with his large, rough hands, pinching her nipples to make her cry out. He felt her pussy clench around him, sank his teeth into the back of her shoulder, and came hard inside of her. Her answering pants and the way her pussy throbbed around him only inflamed his climax as she came hard on his cock.

When it was over, he stood and looked at her. "I should just leave you here, bad little girl," he teased gently.

She gazed up at him with big, trusting eyes. “What? And leave me as prey to the wolves?” she countered softly. He smiled, kissed the top of her head, and bent to undo the belt.

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